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4.3/23 Reviews
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  • Was comfortable! .
     24 Mar2011

     Transportation 4 | Service 4 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 3 | Location 4

    Stay in the Gangnam district, the first 4 nights I was three.
    The nearest, I think, about 5 minutes on Line University of Education Station is 2.3! Gangnam station but also walk next door, I took more than 15 minutes.
    There is also a cafe at the bottom of the hotel, two stores are also nearby small Mart.
    And there was a shop and Kinpa RottyBoy.
    I did not have time to go but there seems to be a little sauna and Jjimjilbang walk towards Gangnam, I was worried.
    The room was just the right size with two single mattresses laid on the loft and 2.
    Pressure of the shower was a little weakened.
    (It is on the 9th floor) every day cleaning me enter, was put shampoo etc..
    I think the sound will be heard as some, I wonder with thin walls.
    Did I have one in your water service.
    If you do not go to the window, Wifi ... I did not go.
    Well, so I was able to get a taxi in about 10 minutes away from the train station in front of the hotel The front nine Nohyon new line, it was a smooth return to the airport.
    I was easy to move because it is a short taxi ride to the train station and bus terminal next to Uckfield John Karosukiru faster (Sinsa).
    Since most do around 30 minutes (possibly stuck in traffic ...) as well Jiangbei area was surprisingly useful.
    The hotel very comfortable, I'm happy! .

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • I stay comfortable. .
     11 Dec2010

     Transportation 4 | Service 4 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 4 | Location 4

    I was 9 nights three people.
    I did not have very much in the number of hotel stays top of three long-term, I was really helpful.
    There is also a washing machine I was thankful to say that type still residences.
    Although there was some feeling if you are small, but so much was a cup of tea or coffee with boiling water, a kitchen, I Well I thought it was good.
    It was comfortable and also have a high ceiling loft.
    I was glad to also offer cleaning and bed-making every day, a friend who uses a portion loft might not have been bet-making? ! I have to say.
    Location also, but it is close to University of Education Station, or train, so go out immediately to Gangnam Station by bus, but it was convenient.
    The Incheon Airport へ の リ ム ji ン バ ス wa straight ぐ the て い て convenience da っ た on よ う です on nearly ku ka ra out.
    I just move on with your luggage as it was from Gimpo was a little hard, so rich that the city also appears in the terminal, I think it's good.
    I think I'd like to use also, because it was pretty good.
    Helped me.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • It was comfortable.
     28 Oct2010

     Transportation 4 | Service 5 | Cleanliness 5 | Facilities 5 | Location 5

    It is a narrow residence far from the hotel I stayed at three.
    Purobisuta extra bed is more comfortable if there is a loft.
    Was good usability is also functionally laid out room.
    Although I saved when you make if you have a light to the location of the dresser.
    This built-dryer bathroom was good and powerful.
    There was something dark just old bath towel.
    I asked the front number is not enough, but it was good to respond immediately should bring.
    I had to be going to get up front in the absence of manpower at the hotel I stayed before.
    Kukusu チヂミ of shops and stalls next to the hotel is recommended for wind delicious.
    I can buy far more convenient T Money Mart there is some 2 a short walk outside the hotel to the left when using the subway.
    Was good out of the shower but I stayed on the 9th floor.
    It is the hotel you want to use, but also was the Gangnam area I wanted to stay at a time.
    I do not know whether I did not use the Japanese lead.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • For the first time.
     21 Oct2010

     Transportation 2 | Service 2 | Cleanliness 2 | Facilities 2 | Location 2

    Gangnam is the first time I stayed because it was just staying in Jiangbei ever.
    No hotels. Quite vacant on the last day of stay in the cult holiday, I went by bus leisurely across the Han River.
    I was lucky in front of a bus stop near the hotel.
    The street in front of the hotel has such a different atmosphere still have something refreshing to the point ... was quite like I feel there is also a loft chic, but a little narrower than the residence that I always use.
    Thing with me to check in because the room is ready to happen again tried to get luggage rather than go to the early check-in time.
    I was very thankful because it was going to come back that day will be in the middle of the night.
    You may use it always travel with members so please treat at this site because it seems also can accommodate four people if you book directly with the hotel.
    I think I went by taxi to the residence Renaissance hotel this time because the KAL limousine was available for free, near the subway station is also accessible in the immediate vicinity of the limousine bus stop is also common.
    ※ PS: I enter a wrong assessment or were you sleepy! Access 5 is really all the other four.
    I'm sorry I can not lower the average value can be changed evaluation.
    It was very good to the private residence.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • It was comfortable.
     16 Oct2010

     Transportation 4 | Service 4 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 4 | Location 4

    I took advantage of 2 nights from October 10.
    Near from the station, I found immediately.
    Now, I've walked to Hannam arrived.
    I was able to walk comfortably is Mature couple.
    Hot water in the shower went well it was on the 11th floor.
    There was no tub, did not feel inconvenience.
    The bedding was clean.
    The rooms are spacious, high ceiling, was useful in the kitchen.
    Be carried out in the subway to Gyeongbokgung Station, I did not feel far away.
    It was a low price that can not be thought in Japan was ranked 4,000 yen per night, so alone.
    You must train station bus terminal, go, but went to the station University of Education to transfer from there line 9 from Gimpo Airport, walking up and down the stairs carrying a suitcase like there is no escalator to the station University of Education was.
    The hotel itself although it was very good, and travel only women next time, I think that I should be in a hotel within walking distance stop airport limousine bus also because there is no power to carry the suitcase.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

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