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Privacy policy

1. About this Policy
This policy establishes the policy of handling of customers’ personal information which Travelnote (hereinafter referred to as “we”) retain related to our service (hereinafter referred to as “service”).
2. Terms of Use
“personal information” (*1), “personal data” (*2), “retained personal data” (*3) shall have the meanings as stated in Article 2 of ‘Act on the Protection of Personal Information’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Personal Information Protection Law’).
In this policy, the terms “we”, “us”, “our” mean Travelnote, Inc., its subsidiary companies, affiliate companies, equity method affiliates and business alliances separately specified. Companies specified as “we”, “us”, “our” may at any time be updated. Refer to (*4) for the companies currently specified as “we”, “us”, “our”.
In this policy, the term “service provider” means providers of service or products as object of transactions, such as stores, accommodation facilities or their distributors.
3. Collection of Personal Information
The following are the main personal information of customers we collect upon the provision of services. Following are the examples so that the information may not fall under the definition of “personal information” depending on the concrete content of the information.
(1) Information provided by customers
All information provided by customers to us including name, ID (nickname), phone number (including mobile phone, fax number), e-mail address, mobile phone e-mail address, date of birth or sex.
(2) Information retained in relation to the use of service
Information related to the transaction history when a customer apply for our product, reservation/bidding/purchase of our service, apply for a prize promotion or apply for other transactions in the state which customer’s personal information can be identified.
Information related to a subscription to our mail magazine.
Information related to a point obtainment.
Information related to customer’s comment or entry made by telephone, e-mail or other measures when a customer asks a question to us or a service provider, participates a promotion or survey, uses a bulletin board or evaluates a service.
(3) Information mechanically obtained through customer’s internet access
IP address and identification information of a mobile terminal which are used when a customer’s computer is connected to the internet.
Viewed page (URL), viewed date and time, information of viewed or searched product in addition to a type and version of browser, operating system or platform.
In addition to the above, information automatically collected and stored when a customer uses our service such as access information retained by using cookie or web beacon.
4. Use of Personal Information
We will use customer’s personal information we obtain for the following purposes (hereinafter referred to as “purpose of use”). However, we will not use information about billing information of a third person who a customer designates for a purpose of (2), (4) or (6) unless we have an agreement by a customer.
(1) When a customer uses our service as a member
Automatic display of membership information on each page and individual authentication at logging-in and logging-out when using service as a registered member of our service.
(2) Fulfillment of a service we provide
Necessary operation in order to fulfill a service such as a shipment of product, provision of service, payment settlement, support to customer’s inquiry, inquiry from us to customer, related post-sale-service or other necessary operations in order to fulfill a service in case a customer reserves, bids or purchase our product or service, applies to a prize promotion or applies to other transactions,
(3) Advertisement, marketing, etc
Provision of information about e-mail magazines for customers
Provision of information about service by e-mail, mail or telephone.
Personalization of content or advertisement that a customer receives by purchase history, viewing history of our website or customer’s personal state such as sex, age or residence.
Enhancement of existing service or development of new service by analyzing customer’s service usage.
Contacting customers related to survey, promotion, exchange of opinion or information on bulletin board or diary service.
(4) Support for customer inquiry
Support to inquiries from customers by e-mail, mail, or telephone.
(5) Other associated reasons
When there are other reasons associated with (1) to (4) in order to fulfill our service.
(6) Provision to service provider
Provision of personal information to service provider complying with “5. Handling of Personal Information”.
(7) Others
In individual cases, there may be occasions to use personal information for a purpose not listed above. In this case, usage of personal information will be posted on website of each service.
5. Handling of Personal Information
We handle personal information complying with Personal Information Protection Law’.
We share customers’ personal information with affiliate companies to the extent necessary for accomplishing a purpose of use.
(1) Shared personal information is same as stated in ‘3. Collection of Personal Information’
(2) Range of information sharing is our affiliate companies (*4).
(3) Purpose of information sharing is same as stated in “4. Use of Personal Information”.
(4) Chief administrator of information sharing is Travelnote, Inc. Refer to “8. Contact” for specific inquiries.
We provide customers’ personal information to service provider to the extent necessary for the transaction when customer reserves, bids or purchases product or service, applies for prize promotion, or applies other transactions to service provider. Provided personal information is to be managed by service provider. Service provider will, in addition to purpose of accomplishing transaction, use personal information (except third person’s billing address which a customer designated) in order to provide information by e-mail magazine to customers after sales and to analyze customers’ purchase for betterment of their business operation. We impose on service provider by contract agreement the duty for complying with Personal Information Protection Law and handle personal information respecting customers’ privacy. However it is not to guarantee service provider’s compliance. Refer to service providers for details.
(1) Items of personal data provided from us to service provider are same as stated in “3. Collection of Personal Information”.
(2) Ways and means of data provision are systems we supervise, electronic media such as CD-ROM or analog media such as papers.
(3) Take procedures stated in “7. Retained Personal Data” in case of requesting a termination of data provision to service provider.
6. Accuracy and Security of Data
We may ask for customer’s cooperation in order to ensure the accuracy and recency of customer’s personal data.
We hire SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology when customers enter important information such as credit card number in order to protect information from interception, interruption or falsification.
7. Confirmation of Retained Personal Data
Customers may (1) verify, (2) correct/add/delete, (3) suspend and (4) terminate the provision of data to service provider (hereinafter referred to as “confirmation”) of their retained personal data from our website.
Regarding personal data which cannot be confirmed by the method described above, request confirmation in accordance with the procedures prescribed by us. In this case, fee prescribed by us will be charged. We may reject a confirmation request under a cause provided for by Personal Information Protection Law.
We may be unable to correspond to request for elimination of personal data caused by the nature of personal data. In this case, we will correspond by termination of account and suspension of data provision to service provider.
Customers may be unable to use a part or all of our service after we suspend customer’s usage or terminate the provision of data to service provider upon customer’s request.
We may store back-up data to prepare for a data loss caused by accidental forces such as a breakdown of computers, or human errors. We are unable to take procedures such as data verification on the back-up data for its nature.
When customers use our service, customers are assumed to have agreed on “7. Confirmation of Retained Personal Data”.
8. Contact
Please contact to the address below to complain, inquire or confirm on our personal information management.
[Contact] #608, IL Heung B/D., Chungmu-ro 4(sa)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Travelnote, Inc.   Personal Information Division
9. Others
Due to the provisions of Personal Information Protection Law, there may be different cases from the above policy.
The term "Personal Information" shall mean information about a living individual, which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other description contained in such information (including information that can identify a specific individual when collated with other information).
The term "personal data" shall mean personal information constituting a personal information database, etc. The term “personal information database, etc” shall mean a collection of personal information that are enumerated in the following.
(1) A database that is systematically composed so as to enable computer searches of personal information of a specific individual.
(2) In addition to (1), a database which governed by the provisions to be able to search specific personal information.
“Retained personal data” shall mean personal data which we hold the right to disclose, correct the content, add, delete, suspend, eliminate or provide to the third person (except the followings).
(1) Personal data which shall endanger the life, body or property of a person or a third person if the presence or absence of concerned personal data is revealed.
(2) Personal data which shall provoke or encourage illegal or unjust acts if the presence or absence of concerned personal data is revealed.
(3) Personal data that may pose a risk of imperiling the security of the State, damaging trust between the State and other countries or international organization or suffering disadvantages in negotiations with other countries or international organizations, if the presence or absence of concerned personal data is revealed.
(4) Personal data that may pose a risk of hindering the prevention, crackdowns or investigations of crimes, or maintenance of other public safety and order, if the presence or absence of concerned personal data is revealed.
(5) Personal data to be deleted within 6months.
The terms “we”, “us”, “our” include the following companies. (2012/Jan/01)
1. Travelnote, Inc.