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Reservation changes&cancellation

1. How to Change/Cancel Your Booking
You can change/cancel your booking from our online system.
Booking can be modified by sending a message of how you would like to change your booking from My Page > Booking Detail. Press ‘Post inquiry or request modification on this booking’ button to post your request. Reservation center will reply to your comment.
To cancel your booking, go to Booking Detail from May Page and press ‘Cancel Request’ button. * Modification and cancellation request are processed in our business hours
2. Cancellation Fee
Modification or cancellation of booking after completing reservation is subject to our cancellation policy.
Cancellation fee (penalty charge) is conforms to our cancellation policy. *Refer to ‘Cancellation Policy’ for details.
Cancellation caused by cancel of transportations due to weather issues is basically not subject to cancellation fee. In case of transportation cancellation, you are required to immediately report to reservation center before the booked arrival date. you are required to directly contact a hotel to report cancellation when the arrival date is our holiday. You are also required to contact us to report the cancellation the following business day.
Paid amount will be refunded after we receive your report as stated above and confirm flight cancellation by both of us and hotel (certificate of flight cancellation or e-ticket may be required by hotels in order to confirm cancellation). Cancellation fee will be applied for any reason whatsoever if we confirm transportations are operated as per normal. Refund will not be issued if you report transportation cancellation after the original arrival date except in case the arrival date is our holiday.
Our cancellation policy will be applied in all case of cancellation due to conditions of airlines such as strikes or technical troubles.
Cancellation fee may be applied on different standards (e.g. 100% cancellation fee from the booking day) during special seasons such as holiday seasons. Refer to cancellation page for details.
After one day the arrival date with a user not notifying the cancellation to hotel, booking will no longer have effect. All amount of paid money is regarded as cancellation fee and there will be no refund.

* Basic Rule of Cancellation Fee * - Check booking detail as irregular rule may be applied for some cases.

Cancelled Date Before 18:00, 3days prior to check-in date Before 18:00, 2days prior to check-in date Before 18:00, 1day prior to check-in date Check-in date/
Cancellation Fee No Charge 50% of First Night 100% of First Night Full Charge (Non Refundable)

* We process your cancellation request during our business hours Mon-Fri 9:30-18:00. Request made outside our business hours or on Korean national holidays will be processed in the following business day.

e.g. Check-in date : Sep. 10th (Mon)
     - If cancellation requested on Sep. 7th (Fri) : 100% of first night will be charged as cancellation fee as weekend is not counted as
       our business day.
     Cancel request on Sep. 6th (Thu) : 50% of first night
     Cancel request on Sep. 5th (Wed) : No Charge

***Hotels/Room Types with Special Cancellation Rules***
Some hotels and rooms have different cancellation fee rules.
Please check individual cancellation policy when you make reservations from My Page.
3. Cancellation of Credit Card Transaction
Payment will be cancelled by us after receiving cancellation request when payment was made through a credit card transaction.
In case the difference in rate occurs after cancelling or changing booking, we will be responsible to cancel a transaction and re-settle the payment with amended value.
4. In case we are unable to cancel your credit card transaction, we will refund to your bank account.
We are unable to cancel your credit card payment when
  •  - Storage period (usually 6months) has past after payment settlements so that there is no transaction record at credit card
  •  - Credit card no longer exists due to cancellation of card