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http://img.ntcdn.net/data/2014/04/04/16/1396596667533e5fbbc70b2.jpg Clean hotel located at Seomyeon! http://www.travelnote.net/busan/hotel/queens-hotel Business & Industrial > Hotel & Hospitality

Total Hotel Score:
4.2/22 Reviews
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  • The ♪ you are always taken care of.
     06 May2013

     Transportation 5 | Service 4 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 5 | Location 5

    Is the trip of about one week, but always, of which I am indebted in Queens motel half period.
    This time, as usual, support of people of people and management staff is good, was good cozy.
    Also thank you! .

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • It is the second time stay. .
     24 Mar2013

     Transportation 4 | Service 4 | Cleanliness 5 | Facilities 5 | Location 5

    Because it was very good when we stayed last time, I stayed for the second time.
    There is a computer in the room this time, it was very convenient.
    I can not input Japanese.
    If the person who has knowledge of a simple personal computer, you will be able to enter any configuration change.
    Since all settings disappear if you do restart, the caution.
    I think it is safe at speed seem to be without leaving the information because it is a little late, and I may be considered to the extent preliminary.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • Small marvelous the で motives Full Kei Kei Mode the Ester.
     05 Mar2013

     Transportation 4 | Service 4 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 4 | Location 4

    In the room is clean, cozy and was very good.
    For room Room # 804 Standard twin room I stayed, the smell of sewage was not a particular concern.
    Refrigerator throat is not thirsty already when you smile arrived I was surprised a little something like automated voice to flow as soon as I entered the room, and, Na also go to the convenience store while with luggage and so I thought drink service in it was quite thankful.
    There Kinpa heaven, also BBQ chicken close to, procurement of midnight snack was also easy.
    Go to Dejikuppa street Neosupa 24, early in the morning to late at night, I was able to enjoy the full Stay Busan.
    I have ever stayed in hotels also in the same price range in the vicinity, but more of this place was on cleanliness.
    We want to stay here the next time.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • The motel is excellent ^ ^.
     25 Sep2012

     Transportation 5 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 5 | Facilities 4 | Location 4

    The location and in some provinces where and whether it takes a 10-minute walk from the train station, room is hard spots pressing the suitcase narrow size twin room Room # 1004 are cluttering up the luggage and fully open suitcase in two margin is also laughs.
    • You or replace equipment because it is being used by about two per outlet was already under · PC 3 places 3 places under the dresser.
    Not some PC-free Japanese input, but it was possible to input alphanumeric characters.
    • The cooler fan and wall fan, has something useful personally.
    Soundproofing and shielding can be quite large motel and windows are open? There is also in the door for you if you sleep safely closed.
    · Good drainage of the bath, the water pressure is to ditch drainage water dehumidified cooler room-subtle still is flowing and lazy from a hole in the wall in the bathroom even whether such rather be in this rank まぁ are out ... I water and slimy us why.
    Now that you have shed slimy even when washing your face with cleansing foam that has brought first I thought it was a soap, I is water instead of soap.
    - Without even particularly worrisome overall mixed 1 large 3 small and 2 large 2 small depending on the day for some reason, towels are both satisfied with the location and the room prices.
    I would like to use all means in Busan next ^ ^ [Other] for reference are numerous Foreign exchange by way of the back of the inn Lotte, from the subway station.
    Many around the dining room is open until midnight, it is just a little bit to the road and turn left go to the left out of the inn is also handy Kinpapu heaven.
    I am a 24-hour convenience mart is also to the left and go across the street in front of inn.
    I did not have to worry about me because of the language that can call the staff in Japanese ^ ^ front you Modore without Yuzame in about 5 minutes walk Neosupa 24 you have written.
    ATM of Shinhan Bank where you can charge because they are limited but can be used better to exchange a little minute transportation cost of a minimum at the airport, was changed in currency exchange of the city rate is good ^ ^ also Tmoney is I recommend that you first put condone w ~ 1 million.
    I might be good if you buy from a stingy Hanarokado to First.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • Is recommended.
     04 Aug2012

     Transportation 4 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 4 | Location 4

    The Western Town か ら 近く, convenience です on the な site conditions.
    Although the interior of the room was a little surprised, but it was good to seem Korea.
    In the room next to the reception desk on the second floor, is a self-service breakfast.
    First, I baked cracked eggs to draw oil to the hot plate, put.
    I baked together I bought at a convenience store near the wiener.
    Lol bread cut thin sheets of about 8 is put, butter toast and jam to put.
    Place on a tray lined with paper towel them, I ate in her room.
    I think I came to Busan, and want to use also.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

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