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Pusan Westin Chosun Hotel


 3.8/6 Reviews  |  Popular 5316

http://img.ntcdn.net/data/2007/10/08/21/1191845926470a2026543a9_westinchosunpusan.jpg five-star resort hotel with tradition and history! http://www.travelnote.net/busan/hotel/westinchosunpusan Business & Industrial > Hotel & Hospitality

Total Hotel Score:
3.8/6 Reviews
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  • It was good.
     25 Nov2010

     Transportation 4 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 3 | Location 4

    It was the second time in Busan.
    I stayed for the first time in Haeundae.
    I also stay limousine bus, it was very good at the beach then some.
    Subway station to wonder if there was just a little distance.
    Since staying in Executive Twin, I could use for free in the gym bath.
    I have enjoyed leisurely put.
    Such as toward the front, rather than the Japanese counterparts in most, English was always just a description.
    I think I know a little English, so, there is no inconvenience, especially in the hotel I stayed in Korea until now, most did not speak Japanese.
    There is also room It's also beautiful room (... but maybe not by chance was so), it was a good hotel.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • This time it is the third time! .
     09 Sep2010

     Transportation 5 | Service 5 | Cleanliness 3 | Facilities 4 | Location 4

    WestinHotel has stayed in August ExectiveRoom favorite daughter and husband.
    It was in Seoul Westin, Westin Busan is a great location in front of the sea spread.
    I spent the summer of Busan for the first time, I was amazed to have crowded (I visited in winter is always cold) about it.
    I was able to walk happily saying I can go from underground to go to the sea, to the left of the hotel there is a park just right for a walk, watching the sea "here! Looks like Izu like" and.
    This service is also the best location! I also plan to stay with a friend in the fall! .

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • It was very good! .
     07 Feb2010

     Transportation 3 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 5 | Facilities 3 | Location 4

    I stayed in July.
    Rooms have ocean views, sparkling sea that was a really nice view in front of your eyes.
    Breakfast, overlooking the sea in the window seat, we have to spend time very elegant.
    I want to stay by all means when you go to Busan again.

  • It was spacious and clean. .
     07 Aug2009

     Transportation 5 | Service 5 | Cleanliness 5 | Facilities 5 | Location 5

    I stayed last month.
    It was also clean and spacious room, the brightness of the lighting just right, I spend very cozy.
    I went just in time for breakfast, but I was not eating too much, I was also delicious breakfast, and eat it while watching the beach, it was a very luxurious feel.
    Above all, the beach and have led underground liked.
    Terribly convenient, It was also beautiful beach, I was traveling to become memories.
    Want to stay here again.
    Thank you also at that time.

  • Was good.
     21 Jul2009

     Transportation 3 | Service 1 | Cleanliness 1 | Facilities 1 | Location 2

    I have checked in late and there is a reason - I stayed in Westin Hotel Busan weekend, I kindly gave me support.
    The atmosphere was classy There is only a first-class hotel too! ! It was a room with no feeling of oppression The rooms are spacious! ! It was clean and stylish rooms.
    The room to the audience and the name is written on the card or whether it was me or cleaning water is put in the free one, or one by one in the shopping bag and slippers in the room, which is more was felt consideration.
    He was eating breakfast while looking out involuntarily has become as glass restaurant overlooking the sea eat Wisby ッ Fe style.
    Eat breakfast overlooking the sea from the hotel that morning was pretty impressive at the first time.
    In addition, the hotel I was staying in a hotel that you want here.

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