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Herren-haus Hotel


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2.6/1 Reviews
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  • Filthy and bed bug infested
     20 Jun2015

     Transportation 4 | Service 1 | Cleanliness 1 | Facilities 4 | Location 3

    Let me start off with my expectations of the hotel, clean with excellent service. Reality? When we first entered the room, right away we noticed how dirty the bathroom rug was. It was completely plastered with some sort of black substance that we could not easily remove. We were able to put it off by placing a towel over it. Our ocean side view was a fairly decent view with a small veranda. But the veranda was completely and I repeat completely covered in dead Gnats/flies. We weren't able to take a single step outside. Whats worse was the morning we woke up. The bed was infested with bed bugs that had bitten me all over my body. My right leg had it the worst with about 15 total bites. As I write this review my body itches all over from the numerous bites.

    At our checkout we informed the staff about our situation and the infested bed. What we got in return was fake apologetic frowns and nods. Not even a apology was given for the terrible quality.

    The cleanliness and service we came to receive was thrown out the window completely and we were left dumbfounded at the quality of the hotel. Specifically considering its expensive rates. The only good think about the hotel was how stupid the staffs remark to our situation was. He claims that if we had informed him of the bedbugs earlier he could have given us some bug spray. Thank you kind sir because everyone would just love to sleep in a bed with countless bedbugs.

    I apologize to those who see the following picture of my leg but I must show how bad the situation was.

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