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Hotel Artnouveau

호텔아르누보(구 아르누보씨티역삼)

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3.4/7 Reviews
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  • It was clean and comfortable. .
     15 Nov2012

     Transportation 3 | Service 2 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 4 | Location 3

    I stayed one night in a business.
    Clean and comfortable, the hotel itself is equipped with a living room and the bedroom was well wide.
    There is no bathtub in the room, because there is only shower, that point was a shame, for the room that I stayed in the shower stall has become a box-shaped properly, it flooded the bathroom because it was also attached door There was no.
    You walk about 5 minutes' walk from Yeoksam Station, because it was close to downtown, facing the road is great, but it was not afraid of walking alone at night.
    Yeoksam Station near Lotte Mart is also a medium-sized, it was convenient to buy.
    Seems to be closed by the time 22 hours (however.
    I get a massage at reasonable price and why members have FOOTSHOP talk back to the station a little farther from) hotel does not even understand English or Japanese at all, and have stayed in the Art Nouveau.
    I think I had at the hotel is not bad as a whole, because it was impressive and there is a comfortable hotel more in the same price range if Gangnam, The front is not exactly a kind, repeat is not.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • I was comfortable because it was vacation purpose. .
     10 Sep2012

     Transportation 4 | Service 5 | Cleanliness 5 | Facilities 4 | Location 5

    Because I wanted to stay somewhere with getting used to Korea travel, such as fewer Japanese tourists, but it was very satisfying.
    As it will deal with it and of course in Japanese hotels and high grade near Myeong-dong, the people are nice Konohen laughs'm feeling rough English or Korean or something you want to use in a practical manner becoming to speak Korean was.
    Security safe side so I do not press the button and there is no key card elevator floor.
    I had pushed to the front once forgot the key card.
    Although you can use the free wifi on the first floor of the hotel, the rooms are non-wifi.
    Had to rent a pocket wifi, I'm in the room condition was bad, too.
    In a washing machine large fridge, I was with dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent and even cookware and tableware as one type residences so.
    It's also equipped with a plug-compatible substation Japan, I was also able to charge the mobile and ipad.
    In the assumption because I also knew that there was good but if there is more bathtub.
    Shower is a glass door once, without any feeling of pressure because of the high ceiling shower after use, but ventilation was dry the next day towards the floor until the toilet water splashes or good, from interior also named Art Nouveau did you separate recalls the love hotel because it was as Te photo.
    It must be a matter of taste I was decorated embroidery pattern rather than a cheap print.
    This is luxury residences.
    I have been to cross the street to specify the I stay in the immediate vicinity there is also an airport bus, when a taxi back to the hotel because there is more awareness of the Renaissance hotel across the street.
    There is a convenience store, Dunkin, Starbucks is within a 3-minute walk.
    There is also a restaurant in the middle seems to have it walk three station nearest station, to the station Seolleung.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • It was a comfortable place to stay · · ·.
     04 May2011

     Transportation 2 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 4 | Location 3

    When traveling in 4 days and 3 nights, I stayed.
    As a point was good,
    The room is clean, spacious (for example, the loft did not feel the need)
    English was OK, the front
    Since the return flight was 20 hours, 12 hours after check-out, and me to leave my luggage at the reception
    (So ​​that I can not go to the floor when you go to the room in the elevator, if you do not hit a card key) security
    As a negative point
    (Around the business district) is not recommended if you are using 100% of sightseeing as I may if you stay for long term work
    Takes a long time to move to the shopping and dining such as Myeongdong It takes 5-10 minutes walk from the nearest station three.
    It would also have likes and dislikes (Because it is necessary to transfer the subway), the room has been decorated in gold, it was reminiscent of a mirror-like design, the Japanese love hotel.
    Personally, I like it simple modern room that is baptism.
    I think the future, tourism would not use.
    The hotel itself is not bad, it was very moving.
    So, I will not really be recommended to those who go sightseeing.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • I liked it very much.
     27 Nov2008

     Transportation 5 | Service 4 | Cleanliness 5 | Facilities 5 | Location 5

    I thought it was the best until now stayed at the residence you will be also available to satisfy everyone who came back ♪ bank.

  • 次回、宿泊はなし
     26 Aug2018

     Transportation 2 | Service 2 | Cleanliness 1 | Facilities 1 | Location 2


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