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Best Western Premier Gangnam Hotel


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4.4/13 Reviews
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  • It is the use of a second. .
     02 Mar2012

     Transportation 4 | Service 5 | Cleanliness 5 | Facilities 5 | Location 5

    Access, but much less than 10 minutes from the nearest subway 峴駅 new theory, we invite you to the hotel up the hill, it is a very large luggage.
    I can go without a transfer line 9 subway from Gimpo Airport.
    Airport bus from Incheon International Airport has come out, not me to do this in front of the hotel, but it seems to have been together at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Orosa.
    Since there was a Mr. staff who can speak Japanese, I can rest assured.
    There is no much room spacious, clean and well equipped.
    Sink is beautiful as well.
    View from the window is good, night view is very beautiful.
    I thought a solution to a little old towels, dirty feeling I will not because it is not such as smell.
    The towels are large and small and the guide did not put the small towel.
    Shampoo is small, but is put, because it is not only put a small soap instead of body wash, better to bring that I will be all right.
    No problem at all, such as drainage of water pressure in the shower and bathtub.
    I'm happy and free bottles also have been a daily service.
    There is a convenience store nearby, because there is also a café, ate breakfast there.
    The Jiangnan region, の 価, で こ grid で parked ma れ る の は precious です.
    COSPA is good I think.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • Jiangnan loose policy.
     14 Mar2010

     Transportation 4 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 5 | Facilities 5 | Location 4

    I've been 3 nights from March 2.
    After that I went out a little tired and the hotel is so black hill from the station.
    Who do not have physical strength, a taxi is required.
    Was easy access to Seoul Station something quite useful and gone to the station.
    He was pleasant room stay simple hand towels, wash basin are located in only one time had been torn frayed bath towels are stinky, cleaning is well.
    There were many number of channels can be seen NHKBS1, BS2 well the TV image.
    However, the
    I am I asked for a transformer on the phone there is only outlet of 220V,
    In English at the bottom of the table,
    When you confirm the problem say no,
    Since it was written purposely and also 220VONLY its outlets,
    I was very troubled by the same phone and asked him to respond again to the transformer with poor English women who go to the front desk the next day,
    I would request to be stronger then the machine is broken so troubled mobile charger did not only support 100V,
    I finally gave me the feeling that no such way is to say,
    Do you just lend me well.
    Then, because it was reserved in the plan of late check-out of optimism, because it was requested to check out the phone will have eaten (as Take in the shop of noodles Chajan delicious nearby) in a room with confidence for lunch, 2PM Check out! You say, Late check-out? War? I was off the phone said.
    It was not an apology at the check-out as well then.
    Because I think there seems to be no malice, and I wonder if Korea this thing, I think it is a case of a late check-out, you may wish to emphasize at check-in is good.
    Between the station and the hotel is located in the middle of the slope, noodle shops Chajan I ate in the room along with the Mando to Take very delicious.
    I recommend that also included the audience seems fairly well-known store.

  • ~ Clean split price.
     04 Mar2010

     Transportation 3 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 4 | Location 4

    ~ That I stayed with the 17-18 February.
    Gimpo に は に to 22:00.
    So from there came by car to meet Korean friends, I was going to eat immediately midnight, did you check in to the hotel.
    ~ Here is not such a far distance faces (suitcase walk from the station.
    Since there is little difficulty).
    Whether me ride a taxi to say, or, I attempt Tsukamaeyo a taxi in front of the hotel to get out to the meal toward the sinus Sinsa from about 24 o'clock the next day in fact, it even refused entirely because I have a friend in Korea, but I was able to ask the driver, was surely impossible just us.
    Inconvenience felt in that sense (? Too short distance by taxi to go to so strange).
    Tried to Hiroo a taxi on their own might was reckless? ~ I wonder if I should ask the people of the hotel.
    Hotel rooms are large, but it's clean, it was also felt good to have crisp bed.

  • Was beautiful.
     08 Sep2009

     Transportation 4 | Service 4 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 5 | Location 4

    If you are looking for a location that is not an integral toilet & shower inherent in Korea, I was here.
    Since the Western style, there is also a bathtubs perfectly, good floor I have not become soggy! ! Although the room is not so widely, it is clean up, but it was comfortable.
    I would like to stay again.

  • It was beautiful.
     22 Dec2008

     Transportation 3 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 4 | Location 4

    About two years ago? I have stayed at.
    Size of the room was not too spacious but stayed in a twin room with a friend.
    I was good cozy hotel so clean and new bathroom but felt narrow and widen two big suitcase.
    It was also good to see that house scenery.
    Feeling was good as usual reception staff are Japanese, but I was not perfect.
    The location for the repeater I think if anything.
    I tell you I felt as if I had become close to or pointed to convey the name of the hotel near I did not know anyone even said Best Western Premier Gangnam is also the taxi driver.
    It was a most taxi to the station so far
    The meals are not troubled (sinus Nohyon) or because there are a lot of bars Mr. 5-minute walk
    日本人 が ほとんど い ない 街 で 韓国 人 ばかり で 楽しかっ た です
    And that there is no just, I'm calling at night is a friend you have forgotten to this hotel
    After a few days as it was in the end, the report came back to Japan after
    Is it just did not check on the spot? ? I thought ... I wish I was just looking for me on the spot.

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