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Hankang Tourist Hotel


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http://img.ntcdn.net/data/2009/04/19/23/124015108349eb342bd1c63.jpg Hangang Tourist hotel with beautiful view located at riverside! http://www.travelnote.net/seoul/hotel/hankang Business & Industrial > Hotel & Hospitality

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2.3/12 Reviews
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  • I would be great ... and surprisingly bring a bad impression. .
     16 Dec2012

     Transportation 2 | Service 4 | Cleanliness 3 | Facilities 3 | Location 3

    I think we have a "bad image rather Linlithgow and" familiar "and (hot) was not less so."
    It was also good to have a friendly atmosphere towards the front is able to speak Japanese.
    About the size of a 32-inch LCD flat-screen televisions in the rooms without much narrower.
    The sensitivity of the remote control is just terribly bad.
    Gave up the family "Well," If it was a state not much can also apply what key does not close the door (it was also true of other hotels) of toilet & bath, even if done, would open automatically.
    Door of the room is a door worthy of holding the card type comparison.
    Sensitive I was not worried at all but from the second day I was worried endure the smell for three days, such as "Kampo" is the moment you enter to the smell.
    Why is the question? "Kampo" toilet room is located in the lobby on the third floor but are using the fragrance smells good.
    The room was a room on the side where the Han River is not visible.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • I was good at all! ! .
     11 Jul2012

     Transportation 3 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 3 | Facilities 3 | Location 3

    Sign up tour Cheap, Han River into a hotel, I have to go, so be prepared to see such reviews,
    I was not a review about ^ ^!
    The hotel is old feeling, it was very clean, the front has been renovated!
    Toward the front, so most people speak Japanese, I was very helpful ^ ^
    On the second floor, the rooms have a view I felt good because it was very good with large windows!
    It was more beautiful than what I saw in the room even HP!
    However, it was felt that (> _ <) are stained toilet slippers slippers It was dirty ...
    I also clean the toilet washroom, I was a little disappointing tiles are stained or have (> _ <)
    Later, stairs next to the hotel was quite steep street Reviews (; _ ;)
    Approximately 10 minutes to the nearest station Gwangnaru (I feel that I would not take that much) I,
    I could go in about 40 minutes to Myeong-dong! I'm glad I did not feel so far away at all!
    In the vicinity of the hotel is also just around the corner, then there is a Seven-Eleven, there is also a convenience store like G25? Another!
    There are quite a few food I shop, night was bustling with locals feeling ^ ^
    Jamsil Station is two away from Gwangnaru, there is also a Lotte World, and also contains a duty-free shop
    It was very convenient! As soon as the taxi's super, it was convenient to the station and one to which I train!
    Further, although the black cab back from Myeongdong once, was about about 25000W!
    ♪ I'm happy to ride the train a lot, so I could go to a place that does not usually go much

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • Hotel enough.
     03 Jun2012

     Transportation 1 | Service 2 | Cleanliness 2 | Facilities 2 | Location 2

    I have 3 nights from 24th May.
    Tour because it was cheap, become Han hotel of ill repute in the reviews, I went to the hotel in a dark mood.
    Men can also Japanese front, I was feeling good.
    Open the door to the room gingerly toward finally, surprise! It is a beautiful than rumor.
    Also new wash basin faucet as well, I was in plenty of hot water is up to the shoulder with a large and deep Uosshuretto, a bathtub toilet.
    I was feeling dark floors and wallpaper and curtains just so old.
    I could take was well wash towel.
    Because it was written with terrible reviews, I was beat exits.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • Ahh.
     13 May2012

     Transportation 2 | Service 2 | Cleanliness 1 | Facilities 1 | Location 2

    I went prepared to read the reviews, it was reviewed hotels of the street.
    I will get to the room on the first floor Ondol did not want to stay the best, worst really.
    It's not a toilet or bidet is ... to blame that the tour was cheap but also like the other rooms are vacant, then the dirty floor of the bath, short hair attached, in a bath towel as stiff reviews yet.
    Right to bring their own bath towels.
    Karaoke in the hotel can hear the sound of the circle I like spooky magic mirror in silver windows, and opened the window.
    I could not even sleep in a single bed size.
    The pillow is put but one by two.
    No security box is also very inconvenient.
    I stopped in front morning, evidence that had been eating breakfast at the reception ... I could not.
    Eat in the break room! ! Seven-Eleven also that it was written only be useful, because it must descend the steep stairs to go, the weaker foot caution.
    Awkward a lot of people do we have to hang around in the middle of the stairs Moreover ceremony guests.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • It was good I (# ^. ^ #).
     01 May2012

     Transportation 3 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 2 | Facilities 3 | Location 3

    I still feel the age of the hotel situation, it was a good place for everyone in spite of the hotel's well affable, they also support a variety of needs was carried out anxiously to see the reviews.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

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