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  • Street prices.
     12 Mar2013

     Transportation 3 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 3 | Facilities 3 | Location 3

    I stayed in March.
    We are about 30 minutes away by subway 20 minutes walk kana, such as Myeong-dong from the nearest station from the hotel is moving subway or bus rather than taxi! May not be suitable for beginners who called Ya.
    The hotel itself would wonder if this degree cheap travel package? It is a feeling.
    It is neither dirty violently.
    Comb shower cap and towel and small bath towel, soap and amenities.
    It is enough just to sleep.
    However, as was in the other reviews, place an extra bed in the street would laugh it triple reviewed too, I'm going Kiikii pipe bed swaying.
    I think Can I sleep two people in there because there is a large queen-size bed or of such other.
    There were also other reviews on this, a nightclub on the 6th floor of the lower third of the room or floor? Echoing the sound pounding until quite late at midnight there.
    The room was on the 7th floor, deep bass was echoing much.
    If you were asked to be on the floor I'm good if you can change.
    And I do I ask to tour guide.
    Lol I did not care at all to 爆睡 his back was so exhausted every night.
    I did not use the hotel because there was also nearby sento bath.
    There is a hot spring bathhouse the sign of mark out to the right hotel, turn right at the corner of the soon also, go left and enter the muscle a little.
    I see billboards and walked.
    Another went to a T-junction turn left park straight without, over the park, located in the basement of Golden spa and bathhouse go to the left.
    I went to the Golden Spa, I was put on 20 000 won and 8,000 won entrance fee, 17 000 won rug shampoo in about 2300.
    There was not troubled place along with the split open 24 hours a day diet.
    Jean Kang shops along the road on the way to Kejan bathhouse, located to the left of Illumi gang I was delicious.
    60 000 won with four high medium size crab.
    Rice 1,000 won.
    I got your full stomach! Unfortunately I did not go to the shops Samgyetang was in front of the hotel that was in the review.
    The drawback but a little distant, how the heck here again because of the high degree of local.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • Cheap place to stay as a classic tour. Far from the station but sparingly, maybe once a city where you can enjoy the stay. .
     14 Jan2013

     Transportation 3 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 4 | Location 4

    I had 3 nights in two 2012.11.29-12.02 couple.
    I took more than 10 times even travel that we have accustomed Seoul, this time to participate in the tour cheap undecided hotel, trying to enjoy the city and the hotel accommodations you do not know and not one week before departure.
    Thoughts of spending 3 nights, it was easy because it was a round trip from the airport with a shuttle bus tour, to go to the hotel on their own or feel such a little far.
    Things to do in their own hotel arrangements, but I think even if it is not nothing here, because it was a city that does not come with not tour like this, I was able to enjoy in its own way.
    Get off at the station (Chang Han Byun) basis Han length of the eye 7 stops to the east by Subway Line 5 (station Dongdaemun Stadium Old) Park Station Dongdaemun History & Culture <access>, bus stop right outside the ground from Exit ③ I got off at the bus stop in front of the third bus ride from the hotel are blue.
    It is about 15 minutes walk from the station Han length basis.
    The fun also try looking for a shop on foot bright till late, so I go home to eat along the main street lined with many eateries.
    It straight back to the hotel, got on the bus using the TmoneyCARD, in the transfer from the subway is a great value and I have a big discount.
    In the evening on the day of arrival <Service> uncle one in front.
    Although I thought I heard that there are no shops around here Kamujatan edible, and the cold was told by an immediate answer and do not know without being Kanpatsu.
    Such correspondence was the same when asked by the other at different times.
    Account で into っ た い men は cordial な 対 応 だ っ た.
    There is a tourist hotel <Comfort> old, it was a key card seems to have new room key only.
    に い ち い ち fu ro nn に the pre-け なく on て benign か っ た の で 楽 で し た when they go out.
    Cleaning was also in good condition clean old.
    Downstairs there is a club but busy, I was quiet because I stayed in the room on the ninth floor.
    Bath and toilet is together, I also put some relaxing bath.
    Water pressure in the shower is also OK.
    Since the first hot water or hot or Atataka~tsu, please adjust.
    Amenities <equipment and facilities> is was about soap, please prepare your own shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush others.
    The room is a refrigerator.
    Yes dryer.
    In the hallway, the servers are hot and cold water.
    Although it is possible to connect to free Wi-Fi in the room, please ask the password at the front desk.
    I left the hotel <location>, there is a super-story Bauhaus where the number of 2-3 minutes' walk to the right.
    Lotte Mart is the first basement floor.
    There is a Daiso is just across the pedestrian crossing from there.
    Go to the left and was out of the hotel, where you enter the side street, there are places to eat full.
    However, I may not like the mage area so Be Careful in the guide book, and how do I get into the shop.
    I think it can read Korean, because they come out of the store signage, and know how the store is what you eat, you will not if I can not read Hangul, only judged by photos of signs cuisine.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • It was surprisingly good.
     21 Oct2012

     Transportation 3 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 3 | Facilities 2 | Location 3

    Three nights and four days, I went with a certain singer Fanmi tour, I was worried because the hotel did not choose
    Because the apartment is built a lot around the shop to a cafe, a meal subway station and go to the left out feeling a secure (hotel to the subway station, but also a straight path morn and even so many on, he has become good friends with station staff)
    Although the hotel is fairly old, do Uncle friendly front ...
    Did not even care that there is a write sound leakage (people who have stayed in, but seems to have heard 7F) because it was 9F
    About 5 minutes and go straight to the right along the road outside the hotel, there is a fairly large building fashion, Lotte Super I contains the below, you can buy a little
    (There was also "Lotteria" diagonally opposite) and
    Morning, did that come in handy, Seolleongtang shop is in front of the building was good fashion
    Since it was open 24 hours a day, I went with breakfast
    Easy to enter in the store clean, gentle It was also the shop, I recommend! Made pot Kimchi things to among the soup, green onion like noodles and rice and lot at 7000 won is on and that from the beginning, Seolleongtang just ... (breakfast is gentle on your own much like the stomach weary I eat off.
    Season with salt and my favorite ... full stomach, the juice of kimchi pretty)
    Could not try shops Kejan Jean Kang (the absolutely, because they move at night)
    That is per night or how crowded with local people rather then from the atmosphere ...

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • Best if I just stay and businesslike.
     19 May2012

     Transportation 3 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 3 | Facilities 3 | Location 3

    I stayed for 2 nights on a tour cheap H24.5.16-5.18.
    There is a considerable distance from Myeong-dong.
    There was a sense of insecurity rather not a hotel of their choice, in the sense that this review say it gave me a sense of security.
    Japanese tourists stay seems to have many people staying at my wife and three daughters.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • I also enjoy nearby.
     05 May2012

     Transportation 3 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 3 | Facilities 3 | Location 3

    I stayed at this hotel can not be specified on a tour of the cheap hotels.
    Are you cleaning as was confirmed by review in advance, but the hotel is not new.
    The sound of a nightclub in the basement of the hotel, near the front, but is noisy at night, so I stayed on the 10th floor this time, did not hear the sound in the room.
    The floor of the room can be used for free hot water and cold water in the vicinity of the elevator server.
    The hotel I can not exchange.
    The front was another man who can speak Japanese.
    Station Subway Line 5 length basis, but Han is about a 15 minute walk, you can walk the main road one while watching the town slowly so warm May.
    It was back and forth several times, was never all done on foot, use a taxi.
    Opposite the hotel there is a shop of Samgyetang, it was delicious with 13,000 W.
    There are many shops to walk right out of the hotel and turn right at the corner of further soon, I was also delicious (8,000 W) Seolleongtang shop looks to the left and walk for a while more.
    There is a park and walk straight to Tsukiatari further down this road, I have a shop turn left and walk to the right, there is a (Chimujirupan) this underground hot springs.
    I do not understand Japanese, here is no indication in Japanese, with 7,000 W per person entrance fee, until 10 pm The rug is made of 14,000 W (20,000 W in the shampoo included).
    And road to the metro and to the left out of the hotel, there are a few cafes.
    There (is referred to as Sun ceremony) and porridge cafe on the way to subway road opposite the hotel, and a small supermarket, a souvenir I could buy cheaply.
    You can explore so many fun places to eat.
    Shop shoes clothes and sundries shop but was not.
    It often seems to be a downtown motel around here.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

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