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Loisir Hotel Seoul Myeongdong

르와지르호텔 서울 명동

 3.5/1 Reviews  |  Popular 4042

http://img.ntcdn.net/data/2018/07/03/11/15305857485b3ae294756ef.jpg The best hotel access in Myeondong area! http://www.travelnote.net/seoul/hotel/loisir-hotel Business & Industrial > Hotel & Hospitality $152 - $246

Total Hotel Score:
3.5/1 Reviews
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  • 3.5
  • 3.5
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  • Mother was also happy! .
     16 Mar2015

     Transportation 5 | Service 4 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 4 | Location 5

    I have used in the mother and parent-child two people.
    My mother is South Korea was the first time, I thought it'd transportation flights of good hotels in Myeong-dong area is good, I decided to this hotel by various examined.
    It was correct to try to stay! Since Myeongdong station immediately variety of, subway happy to move.
    Go back to also doubles as are the rooms break When luggage increases to buy cosmetics Yara goods in downtown Myeongdong, seems mother also can be fun without difficulty trip Now that you have a little even break.
    Clean There is only room also new hotels.
    Moreover, see the N Seoul Tower from the room, it was very beautiful and inspiring night.
    There is also a Namdaemun market If you walk a little, I was able to taste also local atmosphere.
    Loisir Hotel seems to be quite also used the tour, I was Welcome lot of people of Greater China also people of Japanese along with the guide's.
    Because hotel is also dealing with a travel company in Japan, there was a sense of security.
    Also, I would like to use if there is opportunity.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • Location is the best! .
     05 Mar2015

     Transportation 5 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 3 | Location 5

    I go to Myeong-dong always from Incheon International Airport by using the airport limousine bus.
    Loisir The hotel was available for the first time, the hotel is so immediate that from stop, but it was good without difficulty in terms of movement.
    Because I feel that time you are out shopping in the main is back to long always sleeping, is the best the hotel's location is in the direction of action faction.
    Towards the front was kind to be able to also Japanese.
    it is possible, but there was also a little disappointing point since there is no between and, at the sight that has been corresponding hard, and I would like to expect in the future.
    Became indebted.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • Lowest hotel past.
     02 Mar2015

     Transportation 3 | Service 1 | Cleanliness 1 | Facilities 1 | Location 3

    It becomes long.
    Excuse me.
    22 628 I stayed at.
    Day 1, 18 at hotel arrival.
    Room is empty but because it is not possible to check-in process at the system trouble, it was said to come after one hour.
    It was scheduled to immediately go to Dongdaemun What's around but unavoidably hotel.
    Returning to the hotel after one hour, things and were prepared suite room.
    Only an ordinary room is slightly larger and only table and sofa into the room.
    Moreover, only one double bed to the twin reserved.
    The sofa and linens there was a big dirt.
    Second day, you can go out in the morning, it was back to the hotel to 24 o'clock.
    And ordered the Mouton coat in Dongdaemun the day before, because it was going to me delivered to the hotel at 22:00, Check on the front.
    It is said that it has not arrived, things and when you contact the store, was delivered definitely.
    Court fee is already paid, there is a bag in the corner When you return to the room while becomes a cry, had entered the court.
    When a phone call to the front, "Do shop of people than was delivered to the room was a promise to deliver to? Room?", There was a reply that incredible.
    When hotel people retort that there is no way to put unless open the key, and "Yes".
    In addition, cleaning of the room has not been at all, bed and dust and towels also as it is.
    When the matter also speak, as to "What time did you go? Can not be cleaned if were in the room", is once again an incredible response.
    There was a word of apology finally when tell that it was out of the room in the morning.
    Although I came to pretty head, there is also fatigue, because I wanted to sleep bathed immediately the shower, I've been waiting to talk to to bring only immediately towels, it is not coming even after more than 20 minutes.
    I've brought as soon as you contact again in 1:00 too, passes the towel without saying anything When I opened the door and went away.
    The other, if the phone in order to rent a transformer, there was no contact to say that and be sure also to contact.
    Hot water shower was the same even when you have a phone call without out.
    If you go directly to the front reluctantly, and has been associated with a laugh as a fool.
    It came to sloppy head, but told the complaints to the hotel staff, it was only repeat as the "I state that it is not equipped various just opened".
    Even so I think that it is too too much.
    Many times until now it has been to travel abroad, South Korea is also the fifth time.
    So terrible hotel is the first time.
    I do not use anymore.

    This is the review translated from Japanese into English.

  • 快適でした⭐
     14 Jun2017

     Transportation 5 | Service 5 | Cleanliness 4 | Facilities 4 | Location 5

    口コミを見てあまり期待して行きませんでしたが、立地もサービスも良かったです。スタッフの方も皆さん親切でした。また泊まりたいと思います! アップグレードしてくれたのも嬉しかったです。

  • ホテルの感想
     01 Jul2016

     Transportation 5 | Service 3 | Cleanliness 2 | Facilities 2 | Location 5


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